Welsh jewelry brand Clogau’s summer campaign shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes

Coining summer as the season of love, the new ad for Welsh jewelry brand Clogau showcases a range of everyday moments as the love stories they truly are, building on its brand proposition ‘It’s who you share it with’.

S3 Advertising is behind Welsh jewelry brand Clogau’s ad, which showcases a range of everyday moments as love stories

Painting a nursery in preparation for a new arrival. Cooking dinner for a significant other. Sharing a snack with a four-legged friend. Welsh jewelry brand Clogau has today unveiled its latest ad campaign, which takes a deeper look at these relationship moments, communicating how real love actually comes in many forms.

Made by Cardiff-based creative advertising agency S3 Advertising, the campaign shows how each seemingly insignificant story in your relationship contributes to something much bigger: your love story.

S3 Advertising’s creative lead, David Warfield, said: “We show how everyday moments are made better when shared with those we love – turning ordinary situations into love stories that make us smile, laugh and cry.

“The narratives we position are real, relevant and very much in touch with our target audience.”

For over 30 years Clogau has crafted jewelry that carries meaning, using Welsh gold in every piece and designing collections to tell enduring stories.

This depth of sentiment means for wearers of Clogau, wherever they go and whatever they’re doing, they’ll always have a reminder of what really matters close to hand.

“We wanted to look to a more intimate love between two people and create an emotive campaign that homes in on universal, emotional truths about people and relationships,” said S3’s head of planning Sarah Mason.

“This isn’t necessarily a romantic relationship; it could be the love of a best friend that has been your lifeline throughout lockdown – it could be the love of a partner who has weathered the storm of 2020/2021 with you.

“Love comes in many forms – and Clogau understands this.”

Starring Clogau’s ambassador, TV presenter Gethin Jones, the TV ad is overlaid with Tom Rosenthal’s single It’s OK, which has over 14m views on YouTube and is a popular sound on TikTok, used regularly by thousands of users.

“It was time the brand took a big step forward across the board in opening Clogau up to everyone. The soundtrack is a big part of that,” said S3 Advertising’s creative producer Ben Horder.

“We’ve always known Clogau to be inclusive, authentic and in-touch with real life, but this is a huge leap in ensuring this is clear to our audience.”

The ad was shot by S3 Advertising in compliance with Covid-19 regulations across a number of locations in Cardiff over three days. It aired from Thursday July 1, with the campaign also spanning out-of-home, social media and digital advertising.

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