KFC ad celebrates love at first bite

KFC is making audiences salivate with a tantalizing tribute to the taste explosion associated with the first bite of a chicken dinner.

Acknowledging that the first bite is always the best, no matter how many buckets you devour, the campaign celebrates a not-to-be-repeated moment in time. To communicate the anticipation of a first bite, one customer is shown savoring the moment while living dangerously with a sauce dip in the back seat of a car, while another eyes up the object of their desire in the comfort of their own home.

James Ross-Edwards, creative director at Mother, said: “From the casting of director and photographers to lighting, music, sound design and titles – every choice we made was about dialing-up the anticipation we all feel for that delicious, mouthwatering first bite of chicken. We hope we succeeded in making you hungry.”

Leo Sloley, marketing lead at KFC UK&I, added: “Through extensive research we found that the anticipation of the first bite of our famous fried chicken is a real peak moment in the KFC eating experience. People really do take their time to search out the crispiest, juiciest spot to take their precious first bite from. This whole campaign speaks directly to that relatable truth of how people savor our food.”

The KFC campaign will set stomachs rumbling across TV, out-of-home (OOH), press and digital over the coming months, and follows a pause of its famous ‘finger lickin’ messaging amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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