Facebook says agencies are well positioned to drive long term brand-growth for clients

While e-commerce and digital transformation have dominated the marketer’s mindset in recent times, Carlos Palacios, strategic communications planning lead at Facebook, says the pendulum is swinging back towards brand building.

Speaking at The Drum’s Agencies4Growth Festival this week, Palacios revealed a framework agencies can use to unlock the brand-building opportunities across the Facebook Family of Apps and Services that will help them grow brands through brand building.

Citing a report, No Silver Bullet, University of Oxford and Kantar, 2020, he said the average brand campaign could be 2.6x more effective with a different allocation of spend. Ultimately, this means agencies need to be building a nuanced approach to brand building, looking at different recipes or mixes.

Palacios says the framework can be interpreted by agencies in a way that fits the brands they are working on, but it largely follows two layers: ideas that generate brand building and experiences that can accelerate brand building. Within those two layers are specific elements that Facebook has uncovered through consumer research and analysis on effective brand activity.

“We believe that certain ideas can accelerate brand building on platforms like Facebook - Purpose, Personalization and Performance Branding. Secondly, the deployment of those ideas is best done through diverse digital experiences which we like to think of as Pitch, Play and Plunge,” explains Palacios.

To learn more about how accelerants like purpose, personalisation and performance branding can supercharge brand building, and how the use of a wide range of diverse experiences and formats to help bring these accelerants to life across the Facebook Family of Apps and Services, watch the free catch up video on the Agencies4Growth website now.

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