500kV circuit 3 transmission line enters final phase

The project aims to reduce the risk of overloading for the existing 500kV lines, especially when transmitting high amount via the north – operating as a central interface at times when hydroelectric power plants generate low power, ensuring electricity supply for the region in the years to come.

At the Nam Định 1 – Thanh Hóa Thermal Power Plant section, 96 per cent of the poles have been put up and 80 per cent of the wires have been pulled through. VNA/VNS Photos Huy Hùng

The 500kV circuit 3 transmission line project linking the central province of Quảng Bình to the northern province of Hưng Yên is entering the final phase to reach its finish line, under the direction of Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính.

The 500 kV power transmission line from Quảng Trạch District in Quảng Bình to Phố Nối District in Hưng Yên includes four component projects, including the 500kV Quảng Trạch – Quỳnh Lưu power line, the 500kV Quỳnh Lưu – Thanh Hoá power line, the 500kV Nam Định 1 Thermal Power Plant – Thanh Hoá power line, and the 500kV Nam Định 1 Thermal Power Plant – Phố Nối power line.

The 519-km power line passes through 211 communes and wards in 43 districts of nine provinces, including Quảng Bình, Hà Tĩnh, Nghệ An, Thanh Hóa, Ninh Bình, Nam Định, Thái Bình, Hải Dương, and Hưng Yên. The total investment is about VNĐ22.3 trillion (US$899 million).

The project aims to reduce the risk of overloading for the existing 500kV lines, especially when transmitting high amount via the north – operating as a central interface at times when hydroelectric power plants generate low power, ensuring electricity supply for the region in the years to come.

The projects are being undertaken by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) as the investor, with the Northern Power Project Management Board and the Central Power Project Management Board the project operators and managers.

Joint efforts

Workers at the project in Nga Sơn District, the central province of Thanh Hóa.

Throughout the construction sites, thousands of workers, with support of different units across the electricity industry, are working day and night regardless of the scorching sun, thunderstorms or muddy terrain, in a concerted effort to complete the project on time.

The exact shape of the 500kV circuit 3 transmission line is gradually emerging.

At construction site 30 - 33, package 36 in Kim Sơn District, Ninh Bình of the Power Construction Company 4, dozens of workers are spreading conductors and lightning protection, ready for the wire drawing process.

Trịnh Văn Tuấn, team leader, said that this section had been in operating mode from June 7 until now, and it was expected that by June 18, the entire section would be wired.

“All human forces, machinery and equipment are gathered to work in three shifts. We will try to complete the bidding packages before the assigned time,” said Tuấn.

Lưu Việt Tiến, deputy general director of the EVNNPT said that overall the project in Nam Định 1-Thanh Hóa Thermal Power Plant was going well and on schedule.

There was no pressure in terms of the workforce - contractors participating in the project such as the Phương Hạnh company have high quality human resources and large construction machinery, completing the bidding package very quickly.

“We are focusing on increasing human resources. At the same time, leaders of the Việt Nam Electricity (EVN) and the EVNNPT are regularly present at the construction site to encourage, support and handle any arising problems,” said Tiến.

Cope with severe weather

The weather in the north is at its hottest period, with outdoor temperatures sometimes reaching over 40 degrees Celsius.

This is a major obstacle for construction contractors, when their workers cannot work continuously on site due to health and labour safety regulations.

At the location No 32 of the 500kV Nam Định 1 - Phố Nối section in Trực Hùng Commune, Trực Ninh District, Nam Định, construction units are hastily erecting poles and pulling ropes in the final stages, but that work is extremely difficult under the baking sunshine.

Vũ Xuân Thiện, technical officer of the Sông Đà Company 11 said: "With this weather, the contractor lets workers work from 5am and leave early at 11am, then go to the construction site later from 2pm to work until evening to avoid the hot afternoon sun."

Phan Khánh Hồng Sơn, a worker, said: “The poles, equipment and materials are all made of steel, large in size, exposed to the hot sun, so their temperature is always very high. When it rains, it is also very difficult for workers to transport equipment and poles for installation in the muddy terrain.

"Managers at all levels care about and encourage us, providing meals, medicine and food to improve our resistance on hot days, so we can work with peace of mind."

Phạm Văn Doanh, an official from the Northern Power Project Management Board and also representative of the investor at this position said that in addition to weather problems, another obstacle to progress was getting materials to erect steel columns.

While contractors providing the columns can only produce about 70 per cent, the remaining 30 per cent is imported.

Customs procedures were conducted very slowly, not always matching the schedule of providing steel columns to the construction sites.

"The Ministry of Industry and Trade has contacted the consulates of neighbouring countries to ensure that goods can arrive at the construction site as quickly as possible," said Doanh.

Power of solidarity

Workers are trying their very best in Quảng Trạch-Quỳnh Lưu section.

Across the construction sites, it is not difficult to see the hive of work, with everyone aiming to speed up progress.

Most of the front-line workers and officials participating in the project are willing to work regardless of hardships and hope the project will be energised and come in on schedule.

Following requests of the Government and the EVN, 38 teams with more than 500 officers and employees of the Northern Electricity Corporation have joined the work in the last month to support the project.

As a designated critical task, all the chosen teams are electricians who are qualified, willing and ready to overcome all obstacles.

Tạ Hữu Sơn, deputy director of the Ninh Bình Electricity Company, said that joining the work was something they were proud of so the electricity workers were always enthusiastic and were in high spirits.

Deputy General Director Tiến of the EVNNPT, said that the corporation assigned about 1,800 people from four power transmission companies, along with more than 2,000 workers from different electricity companies across the country joining in the last push efforts.

Worker Nguyễn Trọng Đoàn, from the Central Highlands province of Đắk Nông, said that with the current spirit of working regardless of rain or shine, the unit could completely meet the project's schedule before the end of this month.

“Personally, I am very excited, because we have been familiar with the work of managing and operating 500kV transmission lines for decades. Along with that is the encouragement from all levels, with solidarity of the entire electricity industry, we all hold the single goal of completing the project soon," said Đoàn.  VNS

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