29 detained after Phú Quốc shooting that leaves two dead, four injured

Police say rival gangs clashed over a dispute concerning a plot of land.

One of the injured victims from the shooting on Thursday in Phú Quốc is being treated at Phú Quốc City medical centre. — VNA/VNS Photo

KIÊN GIANG — Twenty nine people have been arrested after a daytime shoot-out on the streets of Phú Quốc left two people dead and four others seriously injured on Thursday morning.

Police say rival gangs clashed over a dispute concerning a plot of land.

Police have also seized a 16-seater vehicle, two guns, 19 bullets and a fake stamp bearing the seal of an authority.

Colonel Trần Văn Cung, deputy director of Kiên Giang Province Police said on Friday the shooting was deemed to be a result of a land conflict between two rival groups of people.

Police said they are launching legal proceedings of this "murder" and "disturbing public order" case.

One of the gangs is said to be headed by Võ Văn Lương (aka Hai Lượng, born in 1987, with registered residence in Hamlet 5, Khánh Hội Commune, U Minh District, Cà Mau Province, but currently living in Quarter 10, Dương Đông Ward), and Bùi Minh Trung (aka Trung “Cà Mau”, born in 1976, with registered residence in Ward 7, Cà Mau City, but currently residing in Suối Mây Hamlet, Dương Tơ Commune).

The other group is headed by Khúc Văn Đoài (born in 1983, living in Bến Tràm Hamlet, Cửa Dương Commune).

At 11:20am on Thursday, Hai Lượng’s gang with more than 50 people traveling in eight cars came to Đoài’s land plot at Bến Tràm Hamlet to settle a dispute.

During the scuffle, some members of Hai Lượng’s gang are alleged to have opened fire and chased their rivals.

The two people killed have been named as Phan Trọng Hải (born in 1998, from Nghệ An Province) and Nguyễn Anh Thư (born in 1996, from Phú Quốc City), who both lived in Bến Tràm Hamlet.

The four people injured are: Lê Hữu Nghĩa (born in 1986, living in Quarter 4, Dương Đông Ward); Huỳnh Văn Linh (born in 1993), Lý Quốc Tiến (born in 1987) and Dương Việt Hoà (born in 1986), who live in Bến Tràm Hamlet.

After the shooting, the suspects quickly left the scene in their cars.

Currently, the police are urgently investigating the case, searching to detain the rest of the suspects, and consolidating the case files to prosecute those involved in the shooting. — VNS


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