StrawberryFrog launches national campaign to celebrate reopening of small businesses

StrawberryFrog has launched a new national campaign, Main Street Sam, for Truist Financial Corporation – one of the nation’s largest financial services companies.

A dog named Sam takes the starring role in the campaign, which seeks to remind Americans of how vital small businesses are to the economy, and the integral role Truist plays in empowering them to thrive.

Covid-19 has affected the lives of many, but, as a group, small businesses have been badly hit. Now that many small businesses are reopening, Truist is helping them overcome financial challenges.

Sam the dog encourages people to think about the contribution small businesses make to the community. The video shines a light on the many companies reopening and the role of Truist working behind the scenes to help rebuild American communities.

Scott Goodson, chief executive officer of StrawberryFrog, says: “We are telling the story of how small businesses are re-emerging from this challenging moment in time. There are a lot of messages out there, so the team wanted to tell this in an optimistic, original way.

“We see an adorable dog named Sam, the hero of the commercial, walking from his home down Main Street. He seeks treats from shopkeepers, as all dogs do. As he approaches a couple of closed stores, he shrugs… but then to his delight, he receives his favorite dog biscuits as stores reopen on Main Street.”

Beth Ventura, enterprise brand officer of Truist, adds: “At Truist, we know small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. And the struggle continues for many small businesses to keep their doors open. Driven by our purpose to inspire lives and build better communities, we’re helping small businesses come back and emerge stronger. Main Street Sam is an expression of our collective optimism and the joy of seeing communities moving forward.

Produced in partnership with The Malloys and SuperPrime Films, the film features an original arrangement of the classic hit With A Little Help From My Friends, co-produced by SonyATV and Junto Sounds.

Tyler DeAngelo, executive creative director at StrawberryFrog, says: “There is a group of people living among us who literally help our communities thrive. So we’re telling an upbeat story with a nice twist that leaves people with a smile on their face. We are celebrating the excitement of small businesses starting up again, using Sam, the dog, who represents all of us.”

The campaign will launch nationally at the NHL Playoffs and during the NFL Opener on NBC, and will continue throughout the Autumn.

Source:The Drum Copy link