Engage Hub offers new service connecting brands to TikTok insights

London and Manchester-based social media and influencer agency, Engage Hub, has responded to the rise in popularity of social media platform, TikTok, by launching a new service that will connect brands with data-driven insights to guarantee success on the platform, using influencer marketing.

The agency has worked to continuously over the past five years to become experts in the field, with an expanding client roster across the health and beauty, property, food and beverage sectors and more.

Campaign manager, Jordan Carroll said: “We‘re extremely proud to be the sole agency providing brands with a data-rich approach to TikTok Influencer campaigns. The invaluable performance-insights we have acquired have empowered us to guarantee results for clients, meaning the time to invest in this space is now.”

TikTok‘s consumer engagement is able to hold the attention users for an average of 10 minutes per session, whereas Facebook trails after just four minutes per session and Instagram sits even further behind at an average of two minutes.

TikTok has benefitted from lockdown, with Brits increasingly staying in and seeking out different forms of online entertainment. In March alone, TikTok downloads surged by 34% as songs like Blinding Lights and Savage became recognised as some of the most popular TikTok dance anthems.

Charly Booth, head of influencer and TikTok at Engage Hub, says: “This revolutionary new service is going to change the way brands enter TikTok. I’m looking forward to collaborating with some of the apps most amazing creators and navigating the landscape as it develops.”

The platform’s closed API means marketeers have limited to no access to the data needed to run an effective influencer marketing campaign, meaning that with no data besides the vanity metrics, advertising in this arena for brands comes at a gamble. With Engage Hub’s talent database and new service - designed specifically for brand usage – anyone from start-ups to multinationals can obtain the necessary data and insights that are otherwise lacking and not available to users.

Engage Hub founder, Ray Sherlock, said: “This is a really exciting expansion for the team. We’ve always got our finger on the pulse for what’s next and what’s new for our clients’ brands."

Source:The Drum Copy link